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We believe creators can change the world – one new business model at a time

The strategic reality

Company life cycles are getting shorter and new, often digitally enabled, business models are gaining traction faster and faster. Problem is, most established companies are hardwired for efficiency, risk containment, and incremental growth – not radical innovation and real transformation.

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Investment capabilities

We operate in the intersection between large corporations and startup ecosystems. This makes us uniquely positioned to identify value creation opportunities and realize these by leveraging the strengths of big and small.

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A new approach

The notion that a startup is a small ingenious team on a long, lonely mission to disrupt a complacent industry has to be replaced with one that is much broader and multifaceted.

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Our approach

Impact & sustainable results

We’re uncompromisingly impact focused. Strategies and ideas are important but sustainable results in an exponential world are created only through powerful execution and systematic development of entrepreneurial capability and culture.

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Who we are

KRING Innovation is a collective of innovation catalysts, growth makers, business modelers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. We’re on a shared mission to turn disruptive change and uncertainty into realized opportunity and growth. We love working alongside customers and partners to create – be it new insights, new agendas, new capabilities, or new businesses.

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Co-creation Leadership Network

KRING Innovation is establishing a group of carefully selected highly successful corporate executives and entrepreneurs with a shared passion for innovation and a common belief that exponential technologies are profoundly changing the way we (have to) conceive, build, organise, lead and grow businesses.

We are doing this to leverage the power of knowledge, diversity, and crowd. By being able to access the insights and experience of accomplished individuals we will create better and more impactful solutions, services, and businesses –benefitting our clients, partners and community at large.

Preben Mejer, KRING Innovation

Preben Mejer

Per Klitgaard, KRING Innovation

Per Klitgaard

Kim Balle, KRING Innovation

Kim Balle

Jakob Thomasen, KRING Innovation

Jakob Thomassen

Torben Nordal Clausen, KRING Innovation

Torben Nordal Clausen

Søren Poulsgaard, KRING Innovation

Søren Poulsgaard Jensen

Jan Dahl Lehrmann, KRING Innovation

Jan Dahl Lehrmann

Henning Kruse Madsen, KRING Innovation

Henning Kruse Petersen

Christian Kurt Nielsen, KRING Innovation

Christian Kurt Nielsen

Frank Lyhne, KRING Innovation

Frank Lyhne

Peter Schmidt Svejstrup, KRING Innovation

Peter Schmidt

Esben Gadsbøll, KRING Innovation

Esben Gadsbøll

Niels Korsholm, KRING Innovation

Niels Korsholm

Helle Priess, KRING Innovation

Helle Priess

Steen Halbye, KRING Innovation

Steen Halbye

Torben Frigaard Rasmussen, KRING Innovation

Torben Frigaard Rasmussen

Claus H. Andersen, KRING Innovation

Claus H. Andersen

Mikael Munck, KRING Innovation

Mikael Munck

Lars B. Thuesen, KRING Innovation

Lars B. Thuesen

Mikkel Olesen, KRING Innovation

Mikkel Olesen

Jørn Madsen, KRING Innovation

Jørn Madsen

Svend Thomsen, KRING Innovation

Svend Thomsen

Allan Søgaard Larsen, KRING Innovation

Allan Søgaard Larsen

Anders Elsdrup, KRING Innovation

Anders Eldrup

Anders Fauerskov, KRING Innovation

Anders Fauerskov

Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer, KRING Innovation

Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer

Jacob Wandt, KRING Innovation

Jacob Wandt

Steen Parsholt, KRING Innovation

Steen Parsholt

Lars Thomassen, KRING Innovation

Lars Thomassen

Jørgen Buhl Rasmussen, KRING Innovation

Jørgen Buhl Rasmussen

Morten Falkenberg, KRING Innovation

Morten Falkenberg

Thomas Gjørup, KRING Innovation

Thomas Gjørup

H.C. Madsen, KRING Innovation

H.C. Madsen

Jesper T. Lok, KRING Innovation

Jesper T. Lok

Mads Heine, KRING Innovation

Mads Heine

Christian Kruse-Madsen, KRING Innovation

Christian Kruse-Madsen

Lotte Marschall, KRING Innovation

Lotte Marschall

Jens Willumsen, KRING Innovation

Jens Willumsen

Pia Vemmelund, KRING Innovation

Pia Vemmelund

Christian Sagild, KRING Innovation

Christian Sagild

Henrik Lundum

Jens Vasehus


New insights for you

Be inspired, share insights, and learn from experts and forward thinking peers through our executive events. Attend the next Rise & Shine event for top executives and board members, or an upcoming Next Game event for corporate innovation leaders.

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The content was – maybe by accident – exact spot on my thougths. Format great – short, high speed and condensed content – very good and inspiring – thank you.

Stefan Nyrinder
Managing Director, Ikano Bank

KRING Innovation

About us

KRING Innovation is a next-gen innovation platform. We leverage entrepreneurial practices, exponential thinking, and partnerships to build new businesses, carve out new paths to growth, and enable innovation driven transformation of corporate organizations.

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New Practice Leadership

To not only survive but also thrive in an increasingly exponential world, a new kind of leadership is needed. New Practice Leadership is about having the inner strength, mindset, and vision to lead with impact in times of uncertainty and accelerating change.

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