Co-creation Leadership Network

We have a large and continually growing community of high caliber individuals – successful corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and senior advisors – with a shared passion for innovation, technology and digitization, and a common belief that a new order of leadership is needed to successfully maneuver an age of accelerating change, uncertainty and opportunity.
Our Co-creation Leadership Network exists to leverage the power of knowledge, diversity, and crowd. By being able to access the insights and experience of accomplished individuals we are able to create better and more impactful solutions, services, and businesses.

Preben Mejer

Per Klitgaard

Kim Balle

Jakob Thomasen

Torben Nordal Clausen

Søren Poulsgaard Jensen

Jan Dahl Lehrmann

Henning Kruse Petersen

Christian Kurt Nielsen

Frank Lyhne

Peter Schmidt Svejstrup

Esben Gadsbøll

Niels Korsholm

Helle Priess

Steen Halbye

Torben Frigaard Rasmussen

Claus H. Andersen

Mikael Munck

Lars B. Thuesen

Mikkel Olesen

Jørn Madsen

Svend Thomsen

Allan Søgaard Larsen

Anders Eldrup

Anders Fauerskov

Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer

Jacob Wandt

Steen Parsholt

Lars Thomassen

Jørgen Buhl Rasmussen

Morten Falkenberg

Thomas Gjørup

H.C. Madsen

Jesper T. Lok

Christian Kruse-Madsen

Lotte Marschall

Jens Willumsen

Mads Heine

Pia Vemmelund, KRING Innovation

Pia Vemmelund

Christian Sagild

Henrik Lundum


New Practice Leadership

To not only survive but also thrive in an increasingly exponential world, a new kind of leadership is needed. New Practice Leadership is about having the inner strength, mindset, and vision to lead with impact in times of uncertainty and accelerating change.

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