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Next game

7:00 am - 8:45 am

Creating the next game

– the why, what, and how of corporate reinvention

By invitation only: Next Game is exclusively for senior innovation leaders in large corporations
A great number of larger corporations in Denmark have already or are in process of establishing so-called corporate innovation units. While focus, format, and size differ they are all on a mission to ‘create the next game’ – whether that entails moving the core business into the digital age or a more profound reinvention of existing business models.
Regardless of vantage point this journey into virgin territory implies learning to operate and create new avenues of growth on a new and different premise than that of the existing core business.
In this seminar we will build a circle of trust in which participants will:
  • share experiences, viewpoints, and learnings so far
  • discuss common barriers and internal challenges
  • gain inspiration and exchange ideas.
If you’re leader of a corporate innovation unit (or similar) and have the courage to open up, willingness to share, and desire to be inspired then this is a must-attend seminar for you.
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New Practice Leadership

To not only survive but also thrive in an increasingly exponential world, a new kind of leadership is needed. New Practice Leadership is about having the inner strength, mindset, and vision to lead with impact in times of uncertainty and accelerating change.

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