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7:00 am - 8:45 am

Creating the next game

By invitation only: Next Game is exclusively for senior innovation leaders in large corporations


A great number of larger corporations in Denmark have already or are in process of establishing corporate innovation units and programs. While focus, format, and size differ they are all on a mission to ‘create the next game’ – whether that entails moving the core business into the digital age or a more profound reinvention of existing business models.
Regardless of vantage point this journey into virgin territory implies learning to create new avenues of growth on a new and different premise than that of the existing core business.

In this seminar we will zoom in on the starting point of all innovation – the great idea and what to do about it. Some of the topics we’ll cover:

– from where and how do good ideas emerge?

– internal vs. external/open sources of innovation

– idea funnel – getting from idea to validated concept.


Next Game seminars offer participants a unique peer-to-peer learning opportunity for:

  • sharing of experiences, viewpoints, and learnings so far
  • discussing common barriers and internal challenges
  • gaining inspiration and exchanging ideas.


If you’re leader of a corporate innovation unit (or similar) and have the courage to open up, willingness to share, and desire to be inspired then this is a must-attend seminar for you.

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Reviews from Rise & Shine

Very relevant and to the point.

Lars Thuesen, CEO, Basisbank

The content was – maybe by accident – exact spot on my thoughts. Format great – short, high speed and condensed content – very good and inspiring – thank you.

Stefan Nyrinder, managing director, Ikano Bank

Exciting! One of the huge dilemmas is when to innovate inside the ‘mothership’ and when to move innovation efforts to the edge or completely outside.

Lars Monrad-Gylling, Board member, Berlingske Media og Orifarm

Cool and energizing – if we weren’t all fully awake at 7am, we certainly were by 7.15 am.

Lars Sandberg, EVP, BRF Kredit

I was positively surprised by the high quality of the event, both in terms of its speakers and the format – very inspiring and thought provoking.

Peter Kürstein, Chairman of the Board, Radiometer A/S

Great format and well executed. I appreciated the focus on easy to relate to organizational challenges and opportunities. In particular, the speedboat concept seems applicable in many modern organizations.

Bjarne Ponikowski, Group EVP, Gyldendal A/S


Reviews from Rise & Shine


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