Bodil Energi

Bodil is a partnership between professional installers, entrepreneurs and a financial institution to help end-customers making their private homes more climate- and energy-friendly and reduce their cost. See more at


Corporate Co-creation

Bodil is the result of a corporate co-creation project with Nordea within the UN’s sustainable development goal 7 - affordable and clean energy. We wanted to contribute to our nation's goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from private homes amongst, by 70% before 2030.  

The biggest source of pollution from private homes is from oil- and gas heating systems, and by replacing those with heat pumps instead could potentially reduce the nationwide emissions by 2%. 

Knowing so, we facilitated a process of navigating the end-consumers through the comprehensive landscape of “green” loans, CO2 taxes, installers, and deductions via our corporate partner, which effectively showcased the energy renovation as a financially feasible solution for the private home owners. And by that, Bodil took off.

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2020, January

Corporate Co-Creation brainstorm sessions with KRING

2020, February

First Entrepreneur-in-Residence started full time on Bodil

2020, April

Partnered with Heat pump installer and created an MVP platform

2020, June

First experiments via bank advisors were facilitated (First customers)

2020, August

1,8 mil. DKK. funding secured from Corporate partner

2020, September

Rolling out the concept nationwide within the corporate partners' branches.

2020, December

Saved 1,5 ton CO2 and generated 6 mill. DKK in revenue.

2021, January

Bodil is now running independently with 2 Co-Founders and 4 Employees


How KRING and the Corporate made a difference

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The process

Hear Lars Ellehave-Andersen put words on the corporate co-creation process together with Nordea and KRING.


Co-Founders and Board


Niklas Allemand Frijs-Madsen

Co-Founder & CEO

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Morten Bay Nielsen

Digital Copywriter

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Board member


How KRING supported the Co-Founders

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- Niklas, Co-Founder

Building the MVP

KRING helped building the MVP and the digital infrastructure


By using the KRING network and inhouse competencies, KRING helped in setting the right founder team and board

Corporate access

KRING have been a gateway to access large corporate collaborations



1,5 ton CO2 reduced
6 mil. DKK revenue
62 Energy renovations