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We help corporates
create new growth

Our Dual Growth methodology empower leaders and their companies to manage core business growth while simultaneously building new growth capabilities through ventures and strategic partnerships. We have helped hundreds of leading Nordic corporate leaders in all industries build innovation strategies and capabilities.

We are unique in helping executive management and their teams as trusted advisors within: 


Dual Growth strategy and implementation

We help executive management create strategic clarity on how to create new growth - and why. We work with mindset, joint understanding og leadership alignment on innovation, We evaluate current growth potential and define strategic rationale and success measures for creating or optimizing growth engine two. We help create an innovation operating model and setup the innovation execution engine.


Growth arenas and opportunity spaces

Through strategic analysis and hands-on workshops, we help identify and prioritize most important growth arenas for your company. We look at global trends, startups and venture capital, technology and regulation (among other things relevant to your industry) to identify major changes to value chains, industries and business models. We evaluate your company's license and fitness to play in these arenas and help prioritize your company's key opportunity spaces for new growth through innovation.


Innovation operating model

We help design and implement the most relevant innovation governance and funding models based on your company's strategic rationale. We design the innovation portfolio models and help decide on the optimum target balance. We implement the innovation model and train your team in the innovation playbook and most important tools and new ways of working.


Innovation project execution

We help organizations execute innovation projects in true partnership. We are experts in innovation and venture building and we help setup and execute innovation projects - whether for new products and services or for entirely new platforms and business models that needs to be spun out of the mothership. Our tried and tested frameworks, tool boxes and methodologies are made available to your company and we will even co-invest in venture building activities and companies.

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