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Create high impact in new strategic areas with low touch and low risk

Venture building with KRING allows you to quickly explore new strategic areas of growth while benefitting from our ability to innovate and execute new successful ventures at a high pace.

High Impact low touch

It requires a minimum of resources from our corporate partners to engage but allows them to discover and exploit high impact opportunities

New growth opportunities

Venture building with KRING allows you to quickly explore new strategic areas of growth, new customer experiences, or market positions

We have skin in the game

We have funds to co-invest early in the venture creation, which aligns us on the same goals and incentives as you

Accelerate new ideas fast

Our average time from validation to MVP is 3 months, and we use our extensive network and talented co-founders to accelerate growth


Selected corporate partners within Health and Well-Being

We have helped and executed innovation projects in more than 100 Nordic private and public companies and institutions.

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Lars Ellehave-Andersen.jpeg

“KRING’s Speedbooting tilgang, proces og deres værktøjer kan noget unik som jeg ikke har set nogen andre steder. Med kunden i centrum og med stor hastighed og eksekveringskraft får vi skabt nogle unikke kundeløsninger. Derfor er vi i Nordea særlig glade for at samskabe flere nye kundecenteret løsninger sammen med KRING"

Lars Ellehaven-Andersen 
Bank Direktør, Nordea

Claus V Hemmingsen.jpeg

”Mit kendskab til KRING opstod i min tid i A.P. Møller - Maersk, og jeg har fulgt dem i mange år. Som investor er det interessant for mig at være en del af et entreprenant, men struktureret set-up, som både skaber muligheder for nogle værdifulde investeringer, og samtidig har fokus på at gøre en positiv forskel for mennesker og for samfundet. Det er en kombination, som KRING har dyrket i mange år, og som jeg personlig finder relevant.”

Claus V. Hemmingsen

Pernille Foss.jpeg

"Det er en fornøjelse at være en del af KRING som investor. Jeg kommer selv fra en iværksætter familie og lægger stor vægt på at arbejde sammen med mennesker med hjertet det rette sted kombineret med at skabe god forretning. Det er essentielt for mig at forretningskonceptet har fokus på bæredygtighed for derved at kunne gøre en positiv forskel både for mennesker og samfundet"

Pernille Foss,
Bestyrelsesmedlem i Foss og Investor


Our focus on Good Health and Well-Being

With a constantly increasing focus on our mental and physical health and traditional healthcare, we are to find the sweet spot within Health & Well-being between problem spaces and enablers.

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Our latest ventures within health and well-being


Clinical validated cognitive behavioral therapy in the form of a chatbot, tools, and customized journaling. Specifically designed for improving mental well-being and tackle daily challenges.


High-quality supplements for practitioners. Welldium makes recommendations easy and convenient for them and their patients with an online one-stop-shop with all your favorite supplement brands.

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Our Approach

KRING has a history of entrepreneurship dating back to 2003 and has spun out more than 30 digital driven co-creation Projects of which 20 became companies over the years.


Our venture building Method

We have built more than 10 companies within these domains and we have gathered deep and unique insights into problems worth solving. We have built these companies using our effective venture building process and method, named Speedbooting


Together with co-creation partners

Many of the companies were co-created with corporate partners like Ørsted, PKA, Tryg Forsikring, Nordea, AL Bank, Solar, Dansk Sundhedssikring and more


KRING in the media


Article on Nordea's Co-Creation ventures with KRING helped their customers


How KRING, amongst others, innovated their business to adapt for corona

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Article on E-Boks partnering up with our co-created Speedboat, TestaViva

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KRING on how entrepreneurs could be the key for the UN's sustainable development goals


Do you want to hear about the ventures we plan to build?

We have a substantial list of ideas and concepts within Good Health and Wellbeging that we are constantly working on and are executing several of them over the coming months - if you are interested we will happily share our thoughts and insights with you.

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