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Easy isn’t a word you look for in a job description. Instead, you look for challenge. You want a job that stretches you. Teaches you. Changes you. Because you’ll never stop working toward something better. That’s what defines you.


Open positions at KRING and our Speedboats


Digital Marketing Manager at Flextribe

Energy consultant for Bodil

Content writer internship at Flextribe

Entrepreneurial CTO for mental wellbeing app

Senior Account Manager at Flextribe


Part-time Pretotyper for pree.to


Supply Chain Assistant for HealthTech startup

Screenshot 2020-08-26 at 10.00.38.png

Director for TestaViva - a LegalTech company


Support Manager for Valified

Screenshot 2020-08-26 at 10.00.38.png

Head of Sales at TestaViva


Life as a Co-founder at KRING

We are an ambitious bunch that is burning to create something great and improve people's lives. Since you are reading this, you most likely have an entrepreneurial mindset and share our same drive.

As a Co-founder we are on a journey together and we can't wait to put all our knowledge and tools to use in our co-creation process. Below you can see which competencies we bring to the table and what you can expect when you join us as a co-founder at KRING.

We can't wait to start discussing concepts and do some inspiring brainstorming with you, and before you know it you might be leading our next big adventure!

First Investment and Salaries

First investment up to 1 million DKK and salaries up to 40k DKK per month with an average of 20-30k DKK

Substantial Equity

40-70% equity to be shared between the co-founding team and designated to an option pool for the first employees

Investment Management

We help with raising soft funding and the next investment

The Right Board

We assist with attracting the right Board and Advisory Board for the venture

Co-founder Team Formation

Support with the the gathering of the core co-founding team

Recruitment & HR

We have the network and the experience necessary to provide valuable assistance with recruiting

Strategy Roadmap & Strategy Session

Been there, done that. We have done that with more that 300 start-ups and big corporates

Corporate Network Access

Get access to our extensive corporate network and partners for co-creation and commercial partnerships

Co-Working Space

Shared co-working space with us for the first 12-24 months so we can work side by side together

UX and UI Implementation

Assistance with the development of the product design roadmap and the implementation of UX and UI

Growth Hacking

Get help with the growth hacking process and the execution of growth hacking activities

Privacy Regulations Tips

We have experience with CE Certification and GDPR regulations. We are happy to provide tips.

Potential Help with IT Outsourcing

We used to run an IT outsourcing company with 350+ amazing software engineers. That venture was acquired by Saxo Bank A/S in 2010

Accounting and Auditing

Access to our accounting software and to external auditing support

Standard Contracts and Frameworks

We help with the draw up of standard contracts and frameworks

Time-Saving Tips & Tools

We have been in the business for a while. We can help you with tips and tools to save time and work more efficiently


Mail: info@kring.com

Phone: +45 7026 0755

Nordic: Ragnagade 7, 2100 Copenhagen

Asia: 10 Anson Road, Singapore

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