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Easy isn’t a word you look for in a job description. Instead, you look for challenge. You want a job that stretches you. Teaches you. Changes you. Because you’ll never stop working toward something better. That’s what defines you.


Open positions


Digital Marketing Manager at Flextribe

Energy consultant for Bodil

Content writer internship at Flextribe

Entrepreneurial CTO for mental health app

Senior Account Manager at Flextribe

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Entreprenant CEO for Flextribe


Life as a Co-founder at KRING

We are an ambitious bunch that is burning to create something great and improve people's lives. Since you are reading this, you most likely have an entrepreneurial mindset and share our same drive.

As a Co-founder we are on a journey together and we can't wait to put all our knowledge and tools to use in our co-creation process. Below you can see which competencies we bring to the table and what you can expect when you join us as a co-founder at KRING.

We can't wait to start discussing concepts and do some inspiring brainstorming with you, and before you know it you might be leading our next big adventure!


Mail: info@kring.com

Phone: +45 7026 0755

Nordic: Ragnagade 7, 2100 Copenhagen

Asia: 10 Anson Road, Singapore

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