Building a sustainable future

We have our own investment fund that supports our Speedbooting innovation process and enables us to execute fast and focused with co-founders and strategic partners. 

Through the building of many new ventures and digital companies, we have adopted and adjusted methodologies of entrepreneurship, innovation and co-creation to systematically build new impact ventures together with co-founders and corporates - and help them succeed, grow and create impact.

We are also co-founders of, that have taken Pretotyping, a Google based market validating tool, to Europe. This is an integrated part of our Speedbooting Innovation process


Committed to the
sustainable development goals

We are committed to using all our efforts on venture building with a strong focus on the SDG agenda, initially Health & Wellbeing (SDG 3) and on Energy (SDG 7). 

If you are a potential co-founder with a passion for Energy or Health & Wellbeing – let’s talk.


Health &




Ventures we're currently building

During 2020, we will launch 4 concepts together with our Co-Founders.

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Our venture building process -
KRING Speedbooting


Strategic context

Identify and evaluate the mega trends that will shape the next 5-10 years within an industry

Growth Arenas

Identify and prioritize Growth Arenas based on strategy and leverage of core assets/capabilities

Think Big


Workshop & Key stakeholder Interviews


Market estimation, Startup identification, and partnership exploration

Problem Validation

High level problem validation to ensure we solve the right problem


Market Validation

Design and run market experiments to gain early insights on traction

Solution Validation

Design and run solution experiments to gain early insights on usability

Start Small


Sprint planning, UX, Mockups,  and build-phase of MVP

Measure & Evaluate

Agree on KPI’s, measure, and optimize

Scale fast

Accelerate growth

Scale sales & robustness of the solution


How we partner with entrepreneurs

Meeting Your Needs

Most concepts are born internally, from our core team. We also do brainstorm sessions with our incredible network of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts. Once we have a concept where either the problem, market or solution has been validated we look for the right team of Co-founders and first employees to take it further. 

We continue to act as true co-founders, putting our platform to work and providing hands-on help across product, growth, recruiting, funding and all other critical areas in the early days of the company's life.


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