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We empower companies, leaders and entrepreneurs to impact a sustainable future

Pioneering the future

We are a story of an entrepreneurial spirit, constantly exploring new ground and building new solutions. Reinventing business models, strategies and approaches to better solve our worlds problems. 

We are the orchestrates of connecting people and dots. That makes things happen. We do this through new constellations and ventures that deliver positive impact. 


Partner driven entrepreneurial approach 
Over a decade we have developed agile methods and approaches that enable us and our co-founders and partners to co-create and execute new companies and growth platforms.

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Our team is small and experienced
Our network is big and powerful

We are a super ambitious bunch and perhaps some people would consider us crazy. We meditate with and without brain scanners, we discuss poop test for optimal health and wonder why the human race is destroying the earth and if in the future an AI would put the human race under administration. However, we want to take part in ensuring that humans actually are a force for good, for each other and toward this beautiful planet. We start with ourselves: We have weekly runs, 2 min plank together with partners, Crossfit in the park, sustainable sessions, and of course also the normal casual talks and fun.

We see what we do as a mission. What really unites us is the deep desire to make a positive impact, push boundaries, learn new things and be around awesome people. We work hard but also smart. We remind each other that despite our important mission in KRING, we also have to prioritize time for ourselves and the people around us.

Martin Kring

Jacob Madsen

Mads Friis

Thomas Hjort

Jesper Kring

Katarzyna Szymonek

Thomas B. Kjølhede

Johan Duus Terkelsen

Emilie Glen Petersen

Daniel Kristensen

Carsten Ellegaard

Luna Gyalokay

Marianne Hyltoft

Caroline Holm

Frederik Ackermann


Featured network

We believe in the power of human connections and we are an ever-growing impact community of entrepreneurial leaders, talents and experts to give our founding teams all the support they need in the agenda of building a sustainable future through business innovation and growth.

Our network includes investors, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and other experts. Together, they help open doors and tackle tough problems. So no matter what challenges our founding teams face, our network will be there to help.

Jacob Wandt

Co-founder of Zenergy, Investor in Flextribe, Former Founder and CEO og E-conomic


Rise & Shine Community

Early mornings at 7am to 8.45 we rise and shine as bold leaders to openly and honestly share experiences, knowledge and insights from the forefront of leading innovation. Join us to learn from brilliant entrepreneurs and brave top executives about their successes and failures. 


Mail: info@kring.com

Phone: +45 7026 0755

Nordic: Ragnagade 7, 2100 Copenhagen

Asia: 10 Anson Road, Singapore